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its been a long long time since ive updated but i thought i might want to document the best couple of days ever.

kevin and i started hanging out about a week ago.

what i like about him..is that i can have fun doing absolutely nothing with him (we went to the library, and even the airport just to walk around)

but we also party alot. haha

the only boy ive ever been able to be myself infront of, we danced for 4 hours last night at this amazing party on the strip, tons of friends..it was a blast.

some sleepovers, some icecreams, and some sweaters. haha

we even do mini photoshoots with ski masks and windbreakers.

ive never liked anyone this much, not since tony.


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so the antonio thing only lasted about 3 weeks, haha

oh wells!

i went to jim gaffigan with tony the other night, it was amaaaaaaazing!

im going to have some really awesome photos today, im really excited for them!

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damn soooo

alot has happened

i turned 18, got my cheeks pierced, met a boy, cut off all my hair. hahaha

exciting eh?

im too lazy to write about it.

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god damn the last couple have days have been dooooozieeess

right now im writing because its 4 50 am, and im waiting to get picked up for this gig i have doing makeup and assisting this chick zoya, one of the most used (i couldnt honestly call her the most talented) makeup artists here in vegas

i think its insane how much payed work she gets, and how little i get.


after that chelsea and i are going to buy some metal for our faces, since i get my cheeks pierced in a couple days!

i met a guy

well actually i met two

*twiddles thumbs*

heres a few photos from halloween :D

i did chelseas makeup as well as my own obviously, haha
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im so happy i could fucking burst!

as if the last couple of days havent been cool enough, i get to see someone that i am VERY fond of tonight :)

hes taking a cab from the strip to see me right now, i dont get to see him very often at all so im really excited!

i crashed at jordans house last night, his siblings are so big now! its crazy

ahhh welll. anyhewwww

im gona go burst

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all i do all day is listen to the smiths and morrissey.

i cant listen to anything else.

you dont understand. hahahaha

i turn 18 in less than two weeks, how exciting! im gona go get the other side of my nose pieced, and maybe my madusa *shrug*

oh, and i might be going to newyork this christmas :D